Feb 05, 2017
You need to keep growing, to keep learning new things and expand your mind. Reading books (especially before bed as it helps you sleep better), listening to spoken books on motivational sportspeople, listening to podcasts on nutrition, watching educational clips on youtube and helping others cook (for example) are all great ways to learn new skills and grow your mind’s capacity.
Oct 03, 2016
Chef Boy’s Cooking Series
Cooking is a basic skill everyone should learn. And of course what better way to enjoy learning this skill than learning recipes that will tickle your taste buds but still give you a nutritious meal. Chef Pablo Boy Logro, known Filipino celebrity chef, recently held a cooking series at the Food and Drinks Asia 2016 in World Trade Center and at the 30 th National Coconut Week in SM Megatrade Hall. Teaching moms, dads, everyone, on how to eat yummy and cook healthy. Chef Boy introduced numerous r
Mar 29, 2016
Baguio Oil at Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair with Chef Boy Logro
The Philippines’ master Chef Boy Logro once more delighted food enthusiasts at the recently held DTI’s Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair with “Piling-Piling Pagkaing Pinoy” theme at the Megatrade Hall in Mandaluyong. The hall was highly charged as Chef Boy demonstrated his cooking prowess. And indeed our well-loved host of many popular TV cooking shows did not fail in showing his culinary talent and skill in an entertaining and informative manner that he only could deliver. That afternoo